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May 29 - 30

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Our annual conference is the pre-eminent event for career college professionals seeking to bring their college and career to the next level. Discover what the CCO Conference has to offer.

Network and create new opportunities

When looking to open up your college or career to new opportunities, it's true what they say: It's all about who you know. The trouble is, the sector is a competitive one, which means there's less opportunity to talk shop and forge relationships with businesses and vendors who align with your plans for your college. That is why we've incorporated a number of networking opportunities in the conference line-up. Notably, the Awards Gala dinner and the Hospitality Suite are just two events that offer an ideal environment for career college professionals to discuss their work and build relationships with active members within the sector. 

A great deal may have changed within the sector over the last 45 years, but core business values remain constant. The pathway to success in the industry is through networking and sharing best practices. The lineup for the CCO Conference appeals to both new and seasoned career college professionals and facilitates networking opportunities amongst owners, directors, instructors and vendors. 

Engage with celebrated thought leaders on topics that matter

Every year, Career Colleges Ontario's Professional Development Committee, which is comprised of select association board members and sector experts, composes a roster of conference session topics. CCO then circulates the list of topics to its members for feedback to ensure presentations and events are in line with the interests of members and the sector at large.

Sessions are designed for career college owners and administration and typically feature expert presentations related to marketing, prominent regulatory matters such as KPIs or AODA, market trends and optimizing PCC operations. 

Share your story

Six years ago, we created the CCO Awards, which highlights the accomplishments of our colleges' outstanding graduates and the hard-working instructors who helped get them to where they are today. These awards are a way for colleges to share the stories we all have but often struggle to express outside our campus walls. Stories that not only reflect the success of our students but the immediate and positive impact our graduates have in their communities. The event quickly became the emotional highlight of the conference—if not the year. Join us in celebrating these outstanding graduates and instructors.

We strongly encourage all CCO Member campuses to nominate.

Deadline to nominate is April 15, 2019.

Check out this quick guide to help you with the process in 7 easy steps.

Hear about compliance matters from ministry regulators and experts

CCO has a long history of working with the ministry on key issues. Over the years, we've developed a constructive relationship with the ministry with the aim of informing our members and acting as a voice for their needs and concerns. We all know that a successful career college operates within the confines of crucial legislation that continues to expand with each passing year. Staff and owners are expected to have a thorough understanding of their commitments under this legislation and its effects on their college. The ministry and subject matter experts are recurring presenters and welcomed guests at the CCO Conference, speaking on issue specific to the PCC Act, KPI reporting, accessibility, sexual violence and harassment and more. We're happy to say that the work between CCO and the ministry allows us to assist member colleges in staying abreast of incoming obligations and the opportunities being extended to staff and students.


Join Us

Claim your college's seat at the table. We invite you to take part in celebrating the achievements of the sector at our annual CCO Conference from May 29 and 30 in Toronto, Ontario.

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